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Thursday 13 August 2020

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Celebrating the Anniversary of Unity among Seminaries and Universities at Shahrekord University

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Publishing Date: 23 December 2017 10:51

A special program to commemorate the anniversary of unity among seminaries and universities with the presence of the son of Martyr Ayatollah Mofatteh was held at Shahrekord University on Dec 17, 2017.



According to the Public Relations department of Shahrekord University, before the noon on Sunday, Dec 17, 2017, a special program was held for commemorating the anniversary of unity among seminaries and universities with the presence and speech of Dr. Mohammad Hadi Mofatteh, the son of Martyr Ayatollah Mofatteh, Hojatoleslam Saeed Safi as the representation of the office of the Supreme Leader, Dr. Hamidreza Azizi, cultural deputy, and a group of professors and students of Shahrekord University.


Dr. Mohammad Hadi Mofatteh expressed his gratitude to the scholars at Shahrekord University and expressed his satisfaction with the participation of scholars and thanked the executives for implementing the program at the university. The indifference, the sense of responsibility and the sense of responsibility along with action are three ways of dealing with the problems of the society. Martyr Mofatteh, in addition to a sense of responsibility, he acted firmly in dealing with the problems of the society and proceeded with resolute efforts, he added.


Dr. Mofatteh referred to the fanatical point of view of scholars of religion based on the ignorance of academics and the viewpoint of academics on the illiteracy of scholars of religion until the 1950s, saying that there was a clear enmity between the seminary and the university.


The son of the Martyr Ayatollah Mofatteh said: the view of religion without clerical or eclectic religiosity originates from the formation of the PMOI (The People's Mojahedin Organization of Iran) and Marxism, and academics who mistakenly sought religion in spite of the need for a religion expert.


At the end, Dr. Mofatteh emphasized the recognition of duty, striving and endurance in the path of duty and said: building and solving the problems of the community is a matter of action, and the problems will not be eliminated only by identifying, commenting and presenting, and in this direction everyone should take its share.

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