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Monday 26 February 2024

Heshmatollah Samimi

Associate Professor


Basic Science Faculty

Tel: 03832324401


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Research Interest
   Synthesis of heterocyclic compounds and Ring expansion and Ring opening of ketoaziridines:
   Stereospecicfic and stereoselective reactions of ketoaziridines:
   Synthesis of natural compounds:
   Studies on the rections of ketoaziridines with double bonds:

Academic Resume
   Phd, , , Iran، Graduation Date: 2003
   Master, , Isfahan University of Technology, Iran، Graduation Date: 1999
   Bachelor, , Yazd University, Iran، Graduation Date: 1995

International Journal
1. Jalal Albadi, Heshmat Allah Samimi, Ahmad Reza Momeni, Alumina-Supported Cobalt Nanoparticles Efficiently Catalyzed the Synthesis of Chromene Derivatives under Solvent-Free Condition , Chemical Methodologies 4(2020) 565-571
2. J. Albadia*, M. Jalalib and H. A. Samimia, Cobalt Nanoparticles-Mediated Catalyzed Synthesis of Pyrano [2,3-d]Pyrimidinones and Pyrano[2,3-c]Pyrazoles under Solvent-Free Conditions ,
3. Jalal albadi1 · Mehdi Jalali2 · Heshmat Allah Samimi1, Preparation and Characterization of an Efficient Nano-Inorganic Composite of CuO/ZnO/Al2O3 for the Catalytic Amination of Aryl Halides in Aqueous Conditions ,
4. Jalal Albadi,1,* Heshmat Allah Samimi1 and Mehdi Jalali2, Chemoselective Reduction of Nitroarenes with Hydrazine over a Highly Active Alumina-Supported Cobalt Nanocatalyst ,
5. Ahmad reza Momeni ; Heshmat Samimi; Hamed Vaezzadeh, Eutectic Mixture Choline Chloride–Chloroacetic acid: a New and Efficient Catalyst for Synthesis of ۳,۴-Dihydropyrimidin-۲-ones , Chemical Methodologies 4(2018) 253-261
6. Heshmat A. Samimi ,⇑, Bohari M. Yamin, KI-catalyzed ring expansion reaction of trans-NH-ketoaziridines to new trans-oxazolidines , Tetrahedron Letters 57 (2016) 223–225
7. Heshmat A. Samimi, Ring Expansion of N-H Ketoaziridines to Five and Six-Membered NHeterocycles , Mini-Reviews in Organic Chemistry, Volume 12, Number 4, August 2015, pp. 328-344(17)
8. Heshmat A. Samimi1, Regio‑ and stereo‑synthesis, crystal structure and NMR assignments of N‑((Z)‑1‑oxo‑1‑phenyl‑3‑(4‑chlorophenyl) prop‑2‑en‑2‑yl)‑4‑nitrobenzamide , J IRAN CHEM SOC (2016) 13:465–469
9. Heshmat A. Samimi1 · Ahmad R. Momeni1, Aminopyridinium iodide as a NH transferring agent for the synthesis of 2‑aroyl‑3‑aryl aziridines , J IRAN CHEM SOC (2015) 12:2221–2225
10. Hamzeh Kiyani*[a] and Heshmat Allah Samimi [b], Nickel-Catalyzed One-Pot, Three-Component Synthesis of 3,4-Disubstituted Isoxazole-5(4H)-ones in Aqueous Medium , Chiang Mai J. Sci. 2015; 42(x) : 1-11
11. Heshmat A. Samimi, Akram Mostafavi, Mostafa Riahi Farsani , K5 [PW11 ZnO39 ].23H2 O-catalyzed acylation/ring expansion of ketoaziridines in a single pot: a new regio- and stereo-selective route for the synthesis of oxazolines , J. Iran. Chem. Soc., june 2015
12. Heshmat Allah Samimi*, Elham Salehi and Farkhondeh Dadvar, N-bromosuccinimide/cerium ammonium nitrate: an efficient reagent for stereo-controlled deamination of ketoaziridines , JOURNAL OF CHEMICAL RESEARCH 2014 VOL. 38 DECEMBER, 731–733
13. Heshmat A. Samimi • Somaye Mohammadi, New one-pot approach to regio-synthesis of substituted 2-aminothiazoles from the corresponding keto-aziridines , J IRAN CHEM SOC (2014) 11:69–73
14. Heshmat A. Samimi • Bohari M. Yamin • Marzieh Soltani, Regio- and stereo-controlled isomerization of 1,2-diaroyl-3-aryl aziridines to the corresponding N-((Z)-1-oxo-1,3-diphenylprop-2- en-2-yl) benzamide , J IRAN CHEM SOC (2014) 11:1467–1472
15. Heshmat Allah Samimi* and M. Yamin Bohari, Regioselective and stereospecific synthesis, crystal structure and NMR assignments of N-[(Z)-1-oxo-1,3-diphenylprop-2-en-2-yl]-4-nitrobenzamide , JOURNAL OF CHEMICAL RESEARCH 2014, 38, 358
16. Heshmat Allah Samimi, Mehdi D. Esrafili,, Fariba Mohammadian-Sabet and Hedayat Haddadi, Theoretical study on cooperative interplay between anion–π and chalcogen-bonding interactions , Molecular Physics, 2015 Vol. 113, No. 12, 1442–1450
17. Heshmat A. Samimi* , Bohari M. Yamin , Fatemeh Saberi, Synthesis of tert-Butyl 1,3-Diaryl-3-oxopropylcarbamates by a Regiocontrolled Reduction of Ketoaziridines , Synthesis 2015; 47(01): 129-133
18. Heshmat A. Samimi* , Somaye Mohammadi, A New Approach to Ring Expansion of Keto Aziridines to 2,5-Diaryloxazoles , Synlett 2013; 24(2): 223-225
19. Hamzeh Kiyani*, Heshmat Allah Samimi, Fatemeh Ghorbani and Samira Esmaieli, One-pot, four-component synthesis of pyrano[2,3-c]pyrazoles catalyzed by sodium benzoate in aqueous medium , Current Chemistry Letters 2 (2013) 197–206
20. Heshmat A. Samimi • Zahra Shams, Fe(NO3)3 as an efficient catalyst for regio- and stereo-controlled ring expansion of 1,2-diaroyl-3-arylaziridines , J IRAN CHEM SOC (2014) 11:979–984
21. Heshmat A. Samimi • Zahra Shams • Ahmad R. Momeni, Stereo-controlled deamination of ketoaziridines using Ph3P/I2 , J IRAN CHEM SOC (2012) 9:705–708
22. Heshmat Allah Samimi* and Soraya Entezami, C–C bond cleavage of keto-aziridines; synthesis of oxazoles via regiocontrolled ring expansion , JOURNAL OF CHEMICAL RESEARCH 2013 DECEMBER, 745–747
23. Heshmat A. Samimi,* Bohari M. Yamin, Zahra Hiedari, and Leila Narimani, Regio- and Stereo-Controlled Synthesis of the New Class of trans-Oxazolidines from the Reaction of trans-Aziridines with Isocyanates , J. Heterocyclic Chem., 00, 00 (2014)
24. Ahmad Reza Momeni*, Heshmat Allah Samimi, Reyhaneh Jahanian, Urea-hydrogen peroxide/silica phosphoric acid-catalyzed oxidation- condensation Tandem reaction: One-pot synthesis of 2-substituted benzimidazoles from alcohols , Iranian Journal of Catalysis 2(3), 2012, 141-145
26. H.A. Samimi, M. Mamaghani, K. Tabatabeian and H.R. Bijanzadeh, Studies on the Synthesis and Dynamic NMR Properties of 2-(Benzylidene amino)-N-[(R)-2-hydroxy-2-methyl-1-phenylpropyl]acetamide , J. Iran. Chem. Soc., Vol. 7, No. 1, March 2010, pp. 185-189
27. Abdol Reza Hajipour*, Shadpour E. Mallakpour* and Heshmat A. Samimi, Oxidation of alcohols with butyltriphenylphosphonium periodate under non-aqueous conditions , J. Chem. Research (S), 2002, 270–271
28. M. MAMAGHANI* and H.A. SAMIMI, A facile method for the preparation of oxime t-butyl carbonates for evaluation of the Beckman rearrangement , Oriental Journal of Chemistry Vol. 24(3), 837-841 (2008)
29. Oxidation of Alcohols with Benzyltriphenylphosponium Abdol Period ateReza Hajipour,* Shadpour E. Mallakpour,* Heshmat Allah Samimi, Oxidation of Alcohols with Benzyltriphenylphosphonium Periodate under Non-Aqueous Conditions , Synlett 2001, No. 11, 26 , 1735
30. Manouchehr Mamaghani*, Khalil Tabatabaeian and Heshmat Allah Samimi, Crystal structure of 5-benzoyl-2-(2-chlorophenyl)-4-phenyl-2-oxazoline, C22H16ClNO2 , Z. Kristallogr. NCS 223 (2008) 390-392
31. ADIBI, Hadi*,a SAMIMI, Heshmat Allahb IRANPOOR, Nasserc, Iron(III) Trifluoroacetate: Chemoselective and Recyclable Lewis Acid Catalyst for Diacetylation of Aldehydes, Thioacetalization and Transthioacetalization of Carbonyl Compounds and Aerobic Coupling of Thiols , Chinese Journal of Chemistry, 2008, 26, 2086—2092
32. Hadi Adibi a,*, Heshmat Allah Samimi b, Mojtaba Beygzadeh, Iron(III) trifluoroacetate and trifluoromethanesulfonate: Recyclable Lewis acid catalysts for one-pot synthesis of 3,4-dihydropyrimidinones or their sulfur analogues and 1,4-dihydropyridines via solvent-free Biginelli and Hantzsch condensation protoc , Catalysis Communications 8 (2007) 2119–2124
34. Heshmat A. Samimi, Manouchehr Mamaghani* and Khalil Tabatabaeian, An Efficient Synthesis of 5-Benzoyloxazolines by Regio- and Stereo-controlled Reaction of N-Substituted 2-Benzoylaziridines Under Microwave Irradiation , J. Heterocyclic Chem., 45, 1765 (2008).
35. H.A. Samimia, M. Mamaghania,*, K. Tabatabeiana and H.R. Bijanzadehb, Studies on the Synthesis and Dynamic NMR Properties of 2-(Benzylidene amino)-N-[(R)-2-hydroxy-2-methyl-1-phenylpropyl]acetamide , J. Iran. Chem. Soc., Vol. 7, No. 1, March 2010, pp. 185-189
36. M.B. Gholivanda*, M. Rahimi-Nasrabadiab, H. Batoolic and H. Samimid, Chemical composition and antioxidant activity of the essential oil and various extracts of Haplophyllum robustum Bge , Natural Product Research Vol. 26, No. 10, May 2012, 883–891
37. Heshmat Allah Samimi* and Kaveh Parvanak, Oxidation of urazoles to their corresponding triazolinediones using benzyltriphenylphosphonium nitrate , JOURNAL OF CHEMICAL RESEARCH, 2011, MAY, 272–274
38. Heshmat Allah Samimi*,I Manouchehr Mamaghani*,II and Khalil TabatabaeianII, Crystal structure of 3,5-dimethyl-4-phenyl-2-phenylethylimino-3Hthiazole hydrobromide monohydrate, C19H21BrN2S · H2O , Z. Kristallogr. NCS 225 (2010) 336-338
39. Mohammad Nikpassand,1 Manouchehr Mamaghani,1 Khalil Tabatabaeian,1 and Heshmat Alah Samimi2, AN EFFICIENT AND CLEAN SYNTHESIS OF SYMMETRICAL AND UNSYMMETRICAL 3,3-DI(INDOLYL)INDOLIN-2-ONES USING KSF , Synthetic Communications1, 40: 3552–3560, 2010
Research Journal
40. Ahmad Reza Momeni*, Heshmat Allah Samimi, Reyhaneh Jahanian, Urea-hydrogen peroxide/silica phosphoric acid-catalyzed oxidation- condensation Tandem reaction: One-pot synthesis of 2-substituted benzimidazoles from alcohols , Iranian Journal of Catalysis 2(3), 2012, 141-145

1. Heshmatollah Samimi, Mrzieh Soltani، 2-aroyl-3-arylaziridines synthesis and reactions،


Number Student Name Title Defence Date
1. Molodeh Habibolahi Evaluation of tautomerism and proton transfer reaction of trithiosianoric acid in the gas phas and solution. شنبه ١٧ شهريور ١٣٩٧
2. Yalda Rajabpour Poly[styrene-co-(1((4-vinylphenyl)methyl)-3-methylimidazolium)chloroaluminate] and Poly[styrene-co-(-1((4-vinylphenyl)methyl)pyridinium) chloroaluminate] as Heterogeneous Ionic Liquid Catalysts for the synthesis of Biscoumarines یکشنبه ٣٠ مهر ١٣٩٦
3. Nilofar Movahed nia Poly(4-vinylpyridine-co-1-sulfonic acid butyl-4-vinylpyridinium) hydrogen sulfate as a Heterogeneous Catalyst for the Synthesis of Biscoumarins and 9,9-Dimethyl-12-aryl-8,9,10,12-tetrahydro-11H-benzo[a] xanthene-11ones یکشنبه ٣٠ مهر ١٣٩٦
4. نیلوفر موحد نیا پلی(۴-وینیل پیریدین-کو-۱-سولفونیک اسید بوتیل-۴-وینیل پیریدینیوم) هیدروژن سولفات بعنوان یک کاتالیست هتروژن برای سنتز بیس کومارینها و ۹،۹-دی متیل-۱۲-آریل۱۲،۱۰،۹،۸-تتراهیدرو-۱۱H-بنزو-[a] زانتن-۱۱-اون یکشنبه ٣٠ مهر ١٣٩٦
5. Mansoreh Masomi Poly(4-vinylpyridine-co-1-sulfonic acid butyl-4-vinylpyridinium) chloroaluminate as an Efficient and Reusable Catalyst for the Synthesis of 1,8-Dioxo-octahydroxanthenes سه شنبه ٢٥ مهر ١٣٩٦
6. Mohsen Derakhshan C-C/C-N bond cleavage of aziridines with choline chloride and proton donor سه شنبه ٢٦ بهمن ١٣٩٥
7. Shahla Shirjazi The reaction of hydrazonoyl boromides and cyclohexyl carbodiimide for synthesis of triazoles سه شنبه ٢٧ مهر ١٣٩٥
8. Payam Davoodi Reaction of hydrazonoyl bromides with ketoaziridine for synthesis of new N-heterocyclic compounds یکشنبه ٢٥ بهمن ١٣٩٤
9. Farkhondeh Dadvar Bromosuccinimide as a bromination agent for synthesis of oxazoles شنبه ٢٨ شهريور ١٣٩٤
10. Azam Shiasi Stability and torsional strain of structure by DFT in solvent and gas phase دوشنبه ٤ اسفند ١٣٩٣
11. Soraya Entezami Synthesis of 2,5-diayloxazoles from aziridines and iodine شنبه ١٦ شهريور ١٣٩٢
12. Somaieh Mohammadi Ring expansion of aziridines and synthesis of oxazoles چهارشنبه ٥ مهر ١٣٩١
13. Zahra Hiedari Synthesis of imidazolines from ring expansion of aziridines and isocyanates چهارشنبه ٥ مهر ١٣٩١
14. Marzieh Soltani Regio- and Stereo-selective rearangement reaction of 1,2-diaroyl-3-arylaziridnes چهارشنبه ٢٠ شهريور ١٣٩٢
15. Zahra Shams Study of the reaction of ketoaziridines with thiourea derivatives چهارشنبه ١٣ مهر ١٣٩٠

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