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Monday 26 February 2024

The Office of the Vice President for Education was established as an independent entity in 1991. The followings are the main responsibilities of this office:
          Monitoring and evaluating the quality of the educational programs and activities of the faculties and the departments


          Evaluating the performance of the academic members, the directors of education, and the students


          Drafting and recommending administrative procedures for the educational affairs


          Monitoring the enforcement of the educational regulations and rules


          Running short-term training courses


In addition, the office has closely cooperated with the other sections to accelerate the progress of the university and has taken giant and practical steps, some of which are the followings:
          Expanding the educational programs, especially the postgraduate ones


          Admitting students and employing the required academic members


          Offering sabbaticals to the instructors to take up their studies


          Paving the way for the academic members to promote


          Employing Ph.D. scholars in different disciplines


          Amending the faculty echelon


The followings have been some other activities of the office in recent years:
          Approving the Comprehensive Educational Plan (CEP) of the university


          Improving appropriate educational facilities


          Encouraging the straight-A students

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