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Monday 26 February 2024

Administrative Assistant
Hojatollah Heidari Garmdareh
Tel: +98 38 32324401-7
Ext: 2112
          Monitoring/examining the process of data collection with regard to their reliability and validity and updating of the data as well as calculating the indexes
          Cooperating in developing the short-, mid-, and long-term programs of the university according to the indexes of each section
          Collaborating on providing the requisite statistical reports and indexes for the different sections of the university
          Monitoring the process of publishing statistical yearbooks, jointly with the Office of the Governor General
          Processing, analyzing, and reporting the gathered data statistically using the relevant software
          Providing the data-generating units of the university with relevant and appropriate feedback 
          Holding meetings with the statistics nexuses of the vice president offices
          Sending the data requested by the competent authorities/officials
          Cooperating in providing and managing databanks intramurally
          Designing and standardizing statistics checklists/questionnaires
          Collaborating in producing and publishing statistical leaflets
          Managing the data management system of the university

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