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Monday 26 February 2024

The most important responsibility of the Public Relations is seeking and penetrating into public opinion to gain the general public’s approval for the university, which is followed both inside and outside the university. Needless to say, the above responsibility is taken over in a number of communication activities which could be classified as the followings:
          Research and Planning


          Cultural Activities








Research and Planning
          Designing and planning to promote all the affairs culminating in the qualitative and quantitative improvement of the relationship and unanimity among the university, the people, organizations, the directors, and the staff


          Innovating and designing new activities within the realm of the Public Relations responsibilities


          Monitoring and measuring the activities and applying the results to the upcoming programs and activities


          Providing periodic reports about the Public Relations activities


Cultural Activities
          Undertaking and developing the Comprehensive Publicity Design to shape a cultural-promotional environment in the university buildings and campus 


          Offering promotional gifts to the people (in consonance with the likes and interests of people from all walks of life)


          Preparing, designing, and arranging a schedule for the occasions celebrated and marked intramurally


          Decorating the university buildings and campus with posters to celebrate and mark special occasions


          Producing TV programs, films, and documentaries necessary to plug the activities of the university


          Participating in organizing professional and public seminars and gatherings of the university


          Compiling and distributing information, news, and reports related to the policies, activities, projects, and programs of the university


          Writing and publishing books, brochures, and pamphlets, as well as providing publication materials to represent the university


          Writing and publishing summaries of the annual activities of the university in order to enlighten the public opinion


          Releasing bulletins and periodicals


          Setting the Comprehensive University Calendar via the meetings of the academic members, the staff, the students, and people from all walks of life with the Administrative Body in order to maintain and enhance effective communication 


          Attending the important meetings of the university to know about the policies, strategies, plans, and implementation of activities in addition to being informed of the results of other meetings, gatherings, and conventions


          Policymaking, planning, and applying effective methods and programs to show the objectives, policies, activities, and positions of the university to the society, the audience, and the mass media


          Enhancing understanding between the academic members, the students, the staff, and the management as well as paving the way for communication among them


          Arranging annual interviews of the university officials with the press in consonance with the priorities of the university and the needs of the public opinion


          Gatheringand analyzing the viewpoints of the people, the elite, and the mass media on the university and presenting them to the relevant sections


          Establishing effective communication with and benefiting from the press and the mass media in order to enlighten the public opinion
          Providing and presenting basic information about the university in different languages to present to the invitees and visitors


          Planning and keeping the people informed of the activities of the university in order to enlighten the public opinion


          Taking appropriate actions to guide and help the clientele as well as providing easy access to the university officials


          Reflecting the viewpoints of the university


          Critiquing and examiningthe reflections of the activities of the university in the people’s viewpoints, especially those of the elite, the mass media, and organizations, on the one hand, and the university officials and the staff, on the other hand


          Creating and implementing the system of considering the staff suggestions, the academic members, and the students in order to encourage them to participate more effectively to improve the affairs of the university


          Seeking the public opinion in the university in order to work out the problems and propose practical solutions to the Administrative Body


          Preparing periodic (i.e., monthly, quarterly, and annual), analytical reports on the public opinion inside and outside the university




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