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Monday 26 February 2024


Duties and Authorities Presidency



  • Responsible for all of the institute affairs and the well performance of board of directors in terms of regulations of ministry and informing the relevant units.
  • Making and recommending strategic plans, policies and goals to present in board of directors.
  • Setting the administrative policy of the institute in terms of strategic plans confirmed by relevant board of directors.
  • Planning and guiding the cultural, educational activities and activities refer to research, students, sanitary, services, management expand and the institute's resources in terms of determined strategic plans.
  • Continuous monitoring of well performance of cultural, educational activities and activities refer to research, students, sanitary, services, employment, mission, assignment, dismissal, promotion of academic staff and personnel.
  • Developing management and resources, and all of the local and international communication of the institute.
  • Integration of different units and responding to the customers and pursuing problems’ solution and probable disobedience and referring them to authorities.
  • Preparing financial, business, employment and organizational regulations, organizational charts and the institute units and altering and editing them in terms of regulations and rules of ministries.
  • Signing contracts, national documents, official documents, and institute contacts in terms of regulations of financial affairs.
  • Presenting an annual cultural, educational, research, financial and calculational report to the board of directors.
  • Assign and dismiss the members of board of directors, councils of institute, faculties, research centers and educational centers.
  • Presenting the recommendation of founding, developing, deletion and merging units with the notice of institute’s council.
  • Monitoring the institute’s disciplinary affairs (academic staff, students, personnel) in terms of following the rules.


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