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Monday 26 February 2024

Wining the second place in the wrestling competitions of  Region 3 in the country by Ebrahim Mirzaeian, studying Physical Education
Holding the followings:
National Table Tennis Competitions for both female and male students (February 4th - February 9th)
Sports competitions for the male professors and the staff (futsal and table tennis)
Competitions in the Physical Education Week (October 17th - October 23rd.)
The 13th Intramural Sports Competitions (November 3rd - December 6th.) 
Tug of War (Rope Pulling) Competitions for the female professors and the staff
Mountain-climbing programs for the students at the weekends
The National Futsal Grade 1 Coaching Courses
Competitions in the Holy Defense Week
A Report on the Completion of the Indoor Swimming Pool
Inaugurating the indoor swimming pool will update and reform the sports facilities at the university and the province. The university swimming pool will be soon launched as we are witnessing more than an 80% expansion. The pool covers 2,800 square meters surface area and a 50-meter swimming pool, sauna, Jacuzzi, and a swimming pool for kids.

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