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Wendsday 28 February 2024

Course NameSemester NumberCourse CodeCourse UnitCourse TypeCourse Status
Computer Fundamental 11406310013 Primary University Common
Physic 1 11304300203 Basic Department Common
Mathematic 1 11903300013 Basic Department Common
Public Language 11505300013 Public Department Common
Guran 11507300052 Public Department Common
The history of Islamic culture and civilization 11507300042 Public Department Common
Mathematic 2 21903300023 Basic Department Common
Physic 2 21304300213 Basic Department Common
Sport 1 21502300010 Public Department Common
Persian Language 21501300013 Public Department Common
Advanced Programming 21406300023 Primary University Common
Discrete Mathematics 21406300033 Primary University Common
Computer Labratory 21406300050 Basic University Common
Technical English 21406310042 Primary Department Private
Data Structure 31406310073 Primary Department Private
Advanced Programming 2 31406310083 Optional University Common
Logic Circuits 31406300063 Primary University Common
Engineering Probability and Statistics 31903300073 Basic Department Common
Physic 2 Lab 31304300080 Basic Department Common
Islamic Thought 31507300012 Public Department Common
Sport 2 31502300020 Public Department Common
Differential Equations 31903300033 Basic Department Common
Engineering Mathematics 41903300043 Primary Department Common
Islamic Revolution 41507300032 Public Department Common
Family planning 41507300072 Public Department Common
The Theory of Formal Languages and Automata 41406300093 Primary University Common
Computer Architecture 41406300103 Primary University Common
Design of Algorithms 41406300113 Primary University Common
Electrical Circuits 41406300133 Primary University Common
Digital Circuits and Computer Architecture Labratory 51406300140 Primary University Common
Operating System 51406300153 Primary University Common
Signal and Systems 51406300163 Primary University Common
Design and Analysis of Systems 51406300173 Required Basic University Common
Database 51406300183 Required Basic University Common
Research and Technical Presentation 51406300182 Primary University Common
Islamic Thought 2 51507300022 Public Department Common
Research and Technical Presentation 51406300192 Primary Department Private
Database Labratory 61406310230 Selective Basic Department Private
Internet Engineering 61406310243 Required Basic Department Private
MicroProcessor and Assembly Language 61406310273 Primary Department Private
Computer Network 61406310323 Primary Department Private
61509310112 Public Department Private
Operating System Lab 61406310220 Primary Department Common
Compiler Design 61406300203 Primary University Common
Artifitial Intelligence and Expert System 61406310253 Primary University Common
Software Engineering 71406310283 Required Basic University Common
Web Search 71406300213 Selective Basic Department Common
71406311110 Optional Department Private
Network Lab 71406310290 Primary Department Private
Microprocessor Lab 71406310310 Primary Department Private
Design of Programming Languages 71406310263 Required Basic Department Private
Computer Graphic 71406302913 Optional Department Private
Data Mining 71406300013 Selective Basic University Common
B.S. Thesis 81406321513 Required Basic Department Private
MIS 81406345213 Selective Basic Department Common
Advanced Database 81406400023 Selective Basic Department Common
Computer Aided Digital System Design 81406310303 Primary University Common
Training 81406392012 Required Basic University Common

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