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Saturday 18 May 2024

Artificial Intelligence and Robotics Laboratory (AIR Lab)

The AIR Lab is a fundamental research laboratory focusing on theoretical, experimental, and applied investigations of intelligent systems. Established in 2017, the AIR Lab intends to motivate computer engineering and other related fields’ students to design and implement artificially intelligent systems for solving real-world problems.

The main focus of the AIR Lab is on the main subfields of artificial intelligence such as machine learning, computer vision, robotics, and intelligent data analysis. Students with good background in math and computer programming will be successful in conducting research projects of this lab.

Research in the AIR Lab is intended to be highly interdisciplinary, building on ideas from different disciplines including computer engineering, controls, statistics, and economics. In order to follow this approach, we try to work closely with colleagues throughout the department and the university.

Another important goal of the lab is to answer the robotic needs of industries in the country. These needs appear in different industries in a wide range from electrical engineering related industry to defense industry. To this aim, we try to identify industrial problems, analyze them, devise an optimal solution to them, and provide the industry with the solution.

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