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Monday 1 March 2021

Seyed siavash Saei

Associate Professor

Food Hygiene and Quality Control

Faculty of Veterinary Medicine

Tel: 03832324401

saei.siavash98@gmail.com ; saei@sku.ac.ir

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Research Interest

Academic Resume
   Phd, , Urmia University, Iran، Graduation Date: 2008
   Professional Phd, , Shahrekord University‎, Iran، Graduation Date: 2003

International Journal
1. H Abdali, SS Saei-Dehkordi, M Mobini-Dehkordi, SM Abtahi-Froushani, First Isolation and Molecular Detection of Autochthonous Potential Probiotic Lactobacilli Isolates from Iranian Traditional Poosti Cheese and their Antioxidative Activity. , Biological Journal of Microorganism 8 (32)
2. M Ghorbani, SS Saei-Dehkordi, A Mohebbi, A Pak, Evaluation of some Chemical Quality Characteristics of honey produced in Iran , Journal of food quality and hazards control 4 (4), 113-118
3. SS Saei-Dehkordi, AA Fallah, E Ghafari, Determination of lead, cadmium, copper, and zinc content in commercial Iranian vinegars using stripping chronopotentiometry , Food Analytical Methods 5 (4), 767-773
4. SS Saei‐Dehkordi, F Khalighi‐Sigaroodi, K Pirali‐Kheirabadi, ..., Chemical Composition, Antioxidative Capacity and Antimicrobial Activity of Zeravschania membranacea (Boiss.) Pimenov Essential Oil , Journal of Food Safety 34 (1), 87-94
5. AA Fallah, F Zeynali, SS Saei-Dehkordi, M Rahnama, T Jafari, Seasonal bioaccumulation of toxic trace elements in economically important fish species from the Caspian Sea using GFAAS , Journal für Verbraucherschutz und Lebensmittelsicherheit 6 (3), 367-374
6. AA Fallah, A Nematollahi, SS Saei-Dehkordi, Proximate composition and fatty acid profile of edible tissues of Capoeta damascina (Valenciennes, 1842) reared in freshwater and brackish water , Journal of Food Composition and Analysis 32 (2), 150-154
7. AA Fallah, E Pirali-Kheirabadi, M Rahnama, SS Saei-Dehkordi, ..., Mycoflora, aflatoxigenic strains of Aspergillus section Flavi and aflatoxins in fish feed , Quality Assurance and Safety of Crops & Foods 6 (4), 419-424
8. S Siavash Saei‐Dehkordi, AA Fallah, M Heidari‐Nasirabadi, M Moradi, Chemical composition, antioxidative capacity and interactive antimicrobial potency of Satureja khuzestanica Jamzad essential oil and antimicrobial agents against … , International journal of food science & technology 47 (8), 1579-1585
9. AA Fallah, SS Saei-Dehkordi, M Rahnama, Enhancement of microbial quality and inactivation of pathogenic bacteria by gamma irradiation of ready-to-cook Iranian barbecued chicken , Radiation Physics and Chemistry 79 (10), 1073-1078
10. SS Saei‐Dehkordi, AA Fallah, SS Saei‐Dehkordi, S Kousha, Chemical Composition and Antioxidative Activity of Echinophora platyloba DC. Essential Oil, and Its Interaction with Natural Antimicrobials against Food‐Borne … , Journal of food science 77 (11), M631-M637
11. AA Fallah, S Siavash Saei‐Dehkordi, A Nematollahi, Comparative assessment of proximate composition, physicochemical parameters, fatty acid profile and mineral content in farmed and wild rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss) , International Journal of Food Science & Technology 46 (4), 767-773
12. AA Fallah, SS Saei-Dehkordi, M Mahzounieh, Occurrence and antibiotic resistance profiles of Listeria monocytogenes isolated from seafood products and market and processing environments in Iran , Food control 34 (2), 630-636
13. AA Fallah, SS Saei-Dehkordi, M Rahnama, H Tahmasby, M Mahzounieh, Prevalence and antimicrobial resistance patterns of Listeria species isolated from poultry products marketed in Iran , Food Control 28 (2), 327-332
14. SMR Rohani, M Moradi, T Mehdizadeh, SS Saei-Dehkordi, MW Griffiths, The effect of nisin and garlic (Allium sativum L.) essential oil separately and in combination on the growth of Listeria monocytogenes , LWT-Food Science and Technology 44 (10), 2260-2265
15. AA Fallah, K Pirali-Kheirabadi, F Shirvani, SS Saei-Dehkordi, Prevalence of parasitic contamination in vegetables used for raw consumption in Shahrekord, Iran: influence of season and washing procedure , Food Control 25 (2), 617-620
16. SS Saei-Dehkordi, AA Fallah, Determination of copper, lead, cadmium and zinc content in commercially valuable fish species from the Persian Gulf using derivative potentiometric stripping analysis , Microchemical Journal 98 (1), 156-162
17. SS Saei-Dehkordi, AA Fallah, Determination of copper, lead, cadmium and zinc content in commercially valuable fish species from the Persian Gulf using derivative potentiometric stripping analysis , Microchemical Journal 98 (1), 156-162
18. SS Saei-Dehkordi, AA Fallah, A Nematollahi, Arsenic and mercury in commercially valuable fish species from the Persian Gulf: influence of season and habitat , Food and Chemical Toxicology 48 (10), 2945-2950
19. AA Fallah, M Rahnama, T Jafari, SS Saei-Dehkordi, Seasonal variation of aflatoxin M1 contamination in industrial and traditional Iranian dairy products , Food Control 22 (10), 1653-1656
20. AA Fallah, SS Saei-Dehkordi, A Nematollahi, T Jafari, Comparative study of heavy metal and trace element accumulation in edible tissues of farmed and wild rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss) using ICP-OES technique , Microchemical Journal 98 (2), 275-279
21. SS Saei-Dehkordi, H Tajik, M Moradi, F Khalighi-Sigaroodi, Chemical composition of essential oils in Zataria multiflora Boiss. from different parts of Iran and their radical scavenging and antimicrobial activity ,



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