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Friday 23 February 2024

Pejman Tahmasebi

Associate Professor

Natural Engineering

Faculty of Natural Resources and Geosciences

Tel: 038332324401-4


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Research Interest
   Rangeland Biodiversity, Ecosystem (multi) Functionality, Ecosystem Stability and Dynamic: Plant species number and/or composition are thought to influence ecosystem productivity, stability, nutrient dynamics and invisibility. Although it has been shown that greater plant species numbers are associated with ecosystem (multi) functionality in rangeland communities, it is not clear how and to what extent ecosystem (multi) functionality depends upon the presence of one or more key functional traits in the plant community. In this study we will test the associations between functional trait values and different ecosystem function and stability against anthropogenic variables and global warming across different bioclimatic regions .
   Plant-Animal Interaction: Rangelands are the stage for many of the world's most complex and interesting plant and animal interactions. Although the importance of seed dispersal in time and space on the dynamics of plant communities has long been recognized, its role in shaping plant community composition and diversity was under study only during the past two decades. In different studies in rangelands ecosystems in Iran, we study the role of seed dispersal in time and space by animals (ungulate) and insects in shaping plant community composition and diversity.
   Rangeland ecology (Rangeland Dynamics and Stability, Ecosystem Function, Functional Diversity, Plant- Animal interactions).:

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