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Monday 20 May 2024

Taghi javdani

Assistant Professor

Computer Sciences

Faculty of Methematical Sciences

Tel: 03832324401


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Research Interest
   Software methodologies, Agile software development, Software process improvement, Software cost estimation, Software evolution:

Academic Resume
   Phd, Computer Engineering, , Malaysia ، Graduation Date: 622
   Master, Computer Engineering, University of Isfahan, Iran، Graduation Date: 622
   Bachelor, Computer Engineering, Isfahan University of Technology, Iran، Graduation Date: 622

International Journal
1. Tayebe Mohamadi Gahroee, Taghi Javdani Gandomani, Mohammadreza Soltan Aghaei, [PDF] from researchgate.net The main pillars of Agile consolidation in newly Agile teams in Agile software development , Indonesian Journal of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science 26 (2), 1216-1226
2. Mahnaz Afshari, Taghi Javdani Gandomani, A novel risk management model in the Scrum and extreme programming hybrid methodology , International Journal of Electrical and Computer Engineering 12 (3), 2911
3. Hamidreza Asfa, Taghi Javdani Gandomani, Research Trends in Improving the Quality of Software Products with a Focus on Team Characteristics , Internetworking Indonesia Journal 14 (1), 3-7
4. Taghi Javdani Gandomani, Sheida Shirian, Hadi Khosravi Farsani, A novel model to improve mobile commerce acceptance based on TAM in Iran , Electronic Government, an International Journal 19 (2), 250-272
5. Hamidreza Asfa, Taghi Javdani Gandomani, Software quality model based on development team characteristics , International Journal of Electrical & Computer Engineering (2088-8708) 13 (1)
6. Taghi Javdani Gandomani, Hamidreza Sha'abani, Behzad Soleimani, Software Code Bloats and Security Identification Model Based on Mikado Methodology: a Refactoring Practice , Jordan Journal of Electrical Engineering 9 (2), 125-148
7. Taghi Javdani Gandomani, Zeinab Tavakoli, Hazura Zulzalil, Hadi Khosravi Farsani, The Role of Project Manager in Agile Software Teams: A Systematic Literature Review , IEEE Access (2020)
8. Taghi Javdani Gandomani, Mina Ziaei Nafchi, Agile transition and adoption human-related challenges and issues: A Grounded Theory approach , Computers in Human Behavior (2016)
9. Taghi Javdani Gandomani, Mina Ziaei Nafchi, An empirically-developed framework for Agile transition and adoption: A Grounded Theory approach , Journal of Systems and Software (2015)
Research Journal
١٠. تقی جاودانی، مائده دشتی, ارائه راهکاري نوين جهت بهبود تخمين هزينه توسعه نرم افزار مبتني بر تشابه , دوفصلنامه محاسبات و سامانه هاي توزيع شده، 9، 56-63
١١. مهران انصاری پور، تقی جاودانی گندمانی, مقايسه روش هاي طبقه بندي در تخمين تلاش توسعه نرم افزار , سيستم‌هاي پردازشي و ارتباطي چندرسانه‌اي هوشمند، 3. 1-11
International Conference
12. Taghi Javdani Gandomani, Mina Ziaei Nafchi, Taghi Javdani Gandomani An Analytical Comparison of Four Education Models: a Professors’ and Students’ perspective , 2023 10th International and the 16th National Conference on E-Learning and E-Teaching (ICeLeT), pp. 1-5
13. Mona Najafi Sarpiri, Mohammadreza Soltan Aghaei, Taghi Javdani Gandomani, Towards Better Software Development Effort Estimation with Analogy-based Approach and Nature-based Algorithms , 2023 International Conference on Information Technology (ICIT), 114-117
١٤. فاطمه جلالی دهکردی، هادی خسروی فارسانی، تقی جاودانی گندمانی , رويکرد يادگيري ماشين درتشخيص تقلب آزمون‌هاي آنلاين ,
15. M. Dashti, T. Javdani Gandomani, A Taxonomy of Approaches and Methods for Software Effort Estimation ,
16. Taghi Javdani Gandomani, Hamidreza Faraji, Mahsa Radnejad, Planning Poker in cost estimation in Agile methods: Averaging Vs. Consensus ,
17. Taghi Javdani Gandomani, Zeinab Tavakoli, Mina Ziaei Nafchi, Mona Najafi Sarpiri, Adapting Scrum Process with 7C Knowledge Management Model ,

1. Amitoj Singh, Vinay Kukreja, Taghi Javdani Gandomani، Machine Learning for Edge Computing: Frameworks, Patterns and Best Practices، Taylor and Francis, 2022


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