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Tuesday 2 March 2021

Afshin Jafari

Associate Professor

Clinical Sciences

Faculty of Veterinary Medicine

Tel: 03832324401


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Research Interest

Academic Resume
   Phd, , , Iran، Graduation Date: 2006
   Professional Phd, , Shahrekord University‎, Iran، Graduation Date: 2002

International Journal
1. , The relationship between KCL infusion and changes of ECG, electrolytes of plasma and K content of donkeys red blood cells ,
2. , Determination of glycated haemoglobin (HBG) and its correlation with fasting plasma glucose in the camel ,
3. , An unusual congenital anomaly in the pulmonary artery and vein of a Holstein calf ,
4. , Evaluation of pathogenic serovars of Leptospira interrogans in dairy cattle herds of Shahrekord by PCR ,
5. , ECG Changes in Acute Experimental Ruminal Lactic Acidosis in Sheep ,
6. , Evaluation of dysrhythmias and myocardial biomarkers in high and low-yielding dairy cows ,
7. , .Frequency of cardiac arrhythmias in high- and low- yielding dairy Cows ,
8. , Metabolic Profiles of High-yielding Dairy Cows with Ovarian Cysts formation ,
9. A jafari Dehkordi, H Nourani, Pathological findings of severe pancreatolithiasis in a cow ,
10. Jafari Dehkordi A, Hosseini F, Patent ductus arteriosus in a lamb: A case report ,
11. Jafari Dehkordi A, Evaluation of Nano selenium (Nano-Se) effect on hematological and serum biochemical parameters of rat in experimentally lead poisoning ,



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