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Saturday 25 May 2024

IOT in Smart City (IOT-SC) Research Group


IOT in Smart City (IOT-SC) Research Group performs novels 3D Simulation, Machine Learning and Data Fusion Methods to improve the comfort, security, mobility, health, and well-being of their citizens.

Group Members


Past projects

  • Motor Patterns Monitoring using multi Camera

  • IoT and working with Raspberry Pi board

  • 3D modeling by photogrammetric method

  • Virtual Reality library design in 3dmax for WebGL and Unity

  • Augmented reality approach based on textual information

  • Augmented reality study in the fashion and clothing industry

Current research

  • Creating Appropriate Action Features to Improve Performance of Human Action Recognition Systems

  • Using Image Fusion Methods to Increasing the Accuracy of Human Action Recognition Systems

  • Improving the Performance of Multi-View Human Action Recognition Systems

  • Cross Modal Methods for Medical Image Captioning

  • Design and Development of a System Based on IOT to Detect Ascites Syndrome in Poultry

  • MATLAB Automated Driving Simulation: Surround Vehicle Sensor Fusion

  • Simulation Automated Driving by Atlas Fusion

  • Modern Framework for Autonomous Agent Sensor Data Fusion

  • Scheduling Strategies in Cloud-Edge Computing Environments with MachinLearning Method

  • Resource Allocation in Vehicular Fog Computing for an Optimal Use of EVs Electric Vehicles Energy

Get in touch

For enquiries and the opportunity to work with the IOT in Smart City Research Group, please contact Dr. Reza Rohani, Research Group Leader: rrohani@sku.ac.ir



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